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Single Fifty-Somethings

Wednesday at 7:00 PM

Our group has adults between the ages of 50 – 59. We tend to focus on studies with DVDs or books that include some great discussion with them.

Group Details

Singles’ Small Group for Singles, 50 – 59 year olds

Meets Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. in Dunnam Conference Room

Our focus will be studies with DVDs or books that include some great discussion with them. To create community within the group, we meet off-campus to share a meal, bowling, etc. at the end of each study.   

Our current study is called Unfailing by Rob Renfroe.

We've all experienced the pain of broken promises.  And when those we love fail to keep their commitments to us, we feel betrayed and hurt.  People will fail us.  Plans may fail.  But there is one who is unfailing, and he always keeps his word.

God's promises were written to encourage God's people and bring hope in the midst of hardship.  In Unfailing, pastor and teacher Rob Renfroe vividly demonstrates how the Word of God speaks to the all-too-real struggles of life.

Drawing on accounts from his own life and ministry, Rob unpacks seven ways in which God will never fail us, regardless of our circumstances or challenges.  Beginning with God's promise of forgiveness, he shows how God provides us with new purpose, his constant presence and loving guidance, and the power of change and strength to endure, all rooted in his unchanging love. 

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  • October 2 - Week One, God's Promises to You
  • October 9 - Week Two, The Promise of Forgiveness
  • October 16 - Week Three, The Promise of New Purpose
  • October 23 - Week Four, The Promise of Constant Presence
  • October 30 - Week Five, The Promise of Loving Guidance
  • November 6 - Week Six, The Promise of Power of Change
  • November 13 - Week Seven, The Promise of Strength to Endure
  • November 20 - Week Eight, The Promise of Unchanging Love
  • November 23 - Attend Saturday Night Loft Service, meet with Rob Renfroe afterwards

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