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Sunday at 11:00 AM

WILL RESUME WITH CHILDREN'S MINISTRY AVAILABILITY... We are a group of married couples that focus on learning God’s Word. We believe in striving for a Christ-like life with prayer, study, and action. We provide a small community, in a large church, that supports each other through different seasons of life. We often laugh, sometimes cry, and always celebrate life’s highs with each other. Come join us!

Group Details

Married couples with children in the home.

Approximate Class Size: 20

Meets at 11:00 a.m. in Room B107

Our group is a friendly and open community that also enjoys activities outside the classroom that include discipleship, missions and social events. Events can range from family outings to date nights or men/women activities.

This is a discussion-based class. We focus on studying books of the Bible, but we will sometimes do a study on marriage, parenting, or other current topics of interest.

March 8 & 15 -- Off for Spring Break
April 19 - May 31 -- The book of Galatians

Questions? Please contact Class Leaders Devin or Amber Greer.

Category: Adults, Couples
Community: Traditional, Harvest, Chapel

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